QuickBooks Support: How to Use QuickBooks’ Mail Merge Documents

13-jan-2017One among the most favored accounting software, QuickBooks offers numerous ready-to-mail word documents that proficiently meet business’ communication requirements, varying from formal thank you memos to rebuff credit requests. Additionally, in case, inbuilt business letters won’t fulfill specific needs, then QuickBooks confers various options that let users employ modification steps to transform built-in business letter and envelopes as well. General procedures used to generate business letters consumes user’s precious time. But, with the integration of QuickBooks’ vendor contact info with MS Word’s mail merge docs, it becomes an easier task to perform as suggested by QuickBooks Support experts.

If you want to add a professional touch to your business letters through QuickBooks, users have to make a selection of Company>> Prepare Letter with Envelops. This selection presents a customized sub-menu included in multiple categories here each category is supposed to include different letter templates that can further be customized in accordance with specific business requirements. Following are a few categories that are included under this section,

Customer Letters: This section is used for pulling customer’s confidential contact details stored with QuickBooks in order to address required envelopes and letters as well. Other than this, Customer Letters are used for to address scenarios where businesses are required to send Apart from this other letters suits best for the situations where users need to send approval notes, appreciation statements, sending contracts forms, or apologizing for their mistakes.

Collection Letters: QuickBooks’ Collection Letter includes multiple invoices and statements supported with overdue status, and besides help to set reminders where vendors are addressed about their pending payments. As soon as collection letters category earned enable status, QuickBooks will automatically pull all overdue balances as well as invoices from your company file.

Vendor and Employee Letters: This option includes all letters that proficiently fulfill both employee and vendor requests. Vendor and Employee Letters include various mandatory elements such as credit requests, vendor’s payment requests, disputed charges, and other banking templates in order to send required emails. Additionally, these cover letters under this section are effectively used to address special occasions such as sick time duration, holidays, birthdays, and all other usual communication terms in order to meet employees’ as well as vendor’s requirements.

Letters to Other Names: Through QuickBooks’ Letter to Other Names features, it becomes quite easy to add multiple recipients. Therefore, this section only includes blank letters supported with necessary mail merge fields.

Customize Letter Templates: This QuickBooks’ section allows users to generate exclusive customizable templates, in accordance with the user’s preferences. A Customize Letter Templates feature offered by QuickBooks is broadly used to transform a word document into business templates that are already in use.

In case, users want to reach QuickBooks technical Support experts in order to make distinction above-mentioned categories, then consulting experts through QuickBooks Support phone number@1-877-227-2303 anytime.


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