QuickBooks Support : Guide to QuickBooks 2015

Millions of small companies are using QuickBooks accounting software to track their business sales report. It helps them to keep a complete record of their financial statement and also files income tax with the help of this software for free. Years after years things need to upgrade. If we consider about Microsoft office software in our system, it has many versions like Microsoft office 2003, Microsoft office 2007, Microsoft office 2010, Microsoft office 2013, etc. Each and every one has some higher features than its lower one. QuickBooks accounting software needs an upgrade. QuickBooks 2015 is the latest upgraded version of QuickBooks has some extra and essential features than QuickBooks 2014. What are those features? How they keep their effects on the older one? Let’s Find out.

QuickBooks Support: New in QuickBooks 2015

Each and every year, software need to be upgraded. But in the new version, in inherits the older one’s features as well as some small tweaks and improvements. QuickBooks 2015 has some extra features, extra facilities for users in which they can track their company sales record more accurately. Here are some key features which have been upgraded in QuickBooks 2015.

Home window with Insights tab:

QuickBooks Support

When we are looking at the previous versions of QuickBooks, the Home window is contained with the home page, which helps to track the bookkeeping workflow. Through this window, you can use access different QuickBooks features which you use most often. But in QuickBooks 2015, it has an upgraded QuickBooks Home window. This home window contains two tabs at the top left position. Yes, you can access different QuickBooks features as often. There is something extra for you in this version. When you click on the new insights tab in Home window, you will able to see the dashboard which shows the companies complete financial status and activity. You can check your income and expenses through the bottom half of the insights tab. You can track your income through mini income tracker present on the left (income section).  

Upgraded Income Trackers:

QuickBooks 2015 Income tracker

You have upgraded income tracker option in QuickBooks 2015. You get additional color boxes for different estimates. You can open your invoices, can check your over due expenses through this tracker. It also helps you to track your recent customer payments. Now you can specify the unbilled categories which you want to see. You can check on or off to those unbilled categories.

Reminder Window Upgrades:

QuickBooks Reminder Window

In QuickBooks 2015, Reminder Window got a new look. You can check to-dos and transactions which are due as of today, on the left side of the reminder window. It helps you to keep a track on the deck of your workday. Accidentally if a category is collapsed, do not worry. Click on the flippy triangle shown to the next to its heading. This triangle shows each reminder in the current section. You can collapse a category through this flippy triangle.

Upgraded Report Formatting:

QuickBooks New Report Formatting

QuickBooks 2015 has its new report format. It makes the user easier to read and track the generated report. The rows for top-level categories are shaded gray colored while the lower-level category rows are shaded beige. The total rows are totally shaded light grayed.

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